Die Wohltätigkeit-Tombolas& Auctionen für CraZy-Growers.de Forum findet ihr hier.
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CG Silent Seed Auction 21/22

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CG Silent Seed 2021/22

!!!Auction is closed !!! Update....08.1.2022 / 11.20 Uhr
The auction is over. I will try to get in touch with all winners by email today. Thank you for your great support

The Crazy-Growers Silent Auction 2021/22
The Crazy-Growers are happy to announce their Annual International Silent Seed Auction:
February xxth 2022 23:00- February xxth 2022 20:00
Central European Time (2 pm EST)

The Crazy-Growers auction is a silent auction just initials of the current highest bidders will be published.
We are featuring xxx lots
Each Giant Pumpkin lot contains 1 seed of each cross .

Once again we thank all the growers who have donated seeds in the effort to support our club.
Bidding starts at 20 Euro (~22,60 USD) for each lot, minimum raise is 5 Euros.
(All bids in Euro - our exchange rate is: 1 € = $1.13 US)

All payments must be received by February xx, 2022.

For additional information & the auction rules please look at the end of this document : :down1:

And here are the Lots:


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