The nomination deadline for the prestigious Great Pumpkin Commonwealth Hall of Fame is November 15th. Do you know of a grower who has met at least three of the four criteria?

  • Has been involved at the club or GPC level for at least 5 years with a high level of integrity, selflessness and ethical conduct throughout their history.
  • Has been generous with their time, seeds and knowledge.
  • Has won at least 5 events in any GPC category.
  • Has been growing actively at least 10 years.

Please submit a 2-3 page bio for your nominee so that they may be considered for the highest honor the GPC bestows during this year's seminar in Las Vegas. Bios will be reviewed by the executive committee and inductees will be notified early December. Send your nomination to your GPC area representative TODAY! To contact your rep, follow this link: